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About Us

The Wayne SWCD is governed by five board members that are elected from the populous of Wayne County.  Each board member serves a three year term.  
Board members provide locally led input and guidance to the programs and services provided by the Wayne SWCD.  Staff provide the daily services and programs
on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.

Look at ALL we do!
2013 Activities (11.8 MB) |  2012 Activities (9.8 MB)

Check out a .pdf slide show of a variety of 2010 activities! (4.7 MB)

2009 Activities (6.6 MB)  |  2008 Activities (4.6 MB)

            Fred Myers, 
Treasurer                                        John Redick, Vice-Chairman

 Perry Cochran,
Public Relations  

Scott Stoller,

     Matt Peart, Chairman

District Staff

(Left to Right)

Rob Kastner, Water Management Engineer
Debbie Pettijohn, Secretary
Duane Wood, District Program Administrator
Sarah Beck, Administrative Assistant (Retired)
Adam Liston, Engineering Technician
 Kelly Riley, Education Specialist
Mark Duncan, Nutrient Management Specialist
(Not Pictured) Steve Grimes, No-till Specialist
NRCS Staff

John Knapp, NRCS District Conservationist
Jeff Lefever, NRCS Soil Conservation Technician
Ray Rummel, Conservation Planner