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News and Events

 Mark your Calendars! Thurs. November 17th! Annual Meeting and Election of Wayne SWCD Supervisors! To be held at Northwestern High School. Please see our Fall Newsletter for more details, or stop by the office for absentee voting Oct. 27th through November 17th. RSVP for banquet due by Nov. 4th. Please call 330-262-2836 - #3 for more information.

 Congratulations to AMBER MORRIS of Shreve, Ohio as she was spot on and the ONLY person to correctly guess the correct number of 135 pieces of Bit 'O Honey candy AND answer correctly the tie breaker question at our guessing contest at the 2016 Wayne County Fair! Runner up was James Vaugh whom also guessed 135, but failed to guess at the tie-breaker question.      The tie-breaker question was: 2016 Fair Guessing Contest "In the Honey Bee colony, there are 3 social orders of bees: The Queen, and what are the other two?" The correct answer  was: Worker and Drones. Amber got both of those correct - and she is our WINNER of the $30 gift card to Bob Evans Restuarant! Thanks to everyone that stopped by to visit and tried at the contest...(There were over 510 guesses this year). We hope to see you again next year!

 Monarch Help Us Collect Milkweed Seed Pods!

  Join the Statewide milkweed pod collection September 1st- Oct. 30th this year, and bring in common milkweed seed pods to a local participating SWCD office. Please view the following pdf documents for more details, including instructions, and a map of counties in the partnership. Wayne SWCD office will be a drop-off  seed pod station/partner in this effort! Office open M-F 8-4:30pm.  THANK- YOU! 

NEW - Nexus Pipeline Update : As of July 2016 a new proposed alternate route will impact western and southern parts of Wayne County... a much larger impact area...Details are still pending and our office will try to stay informed as best we can.
Please check the Landowner Assistance - Oil and Gas link for more information.

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Effective June 1st 2016 the Ag Plastic Recycling Program HAS ENDED! Please go to the Agricultural Services tab for more information.


List of PAST AWARD WINNERS - Conservation Farm Award    &    Conservation Education Award