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Storm Water Management

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Wayne County is currently receiving comments on proposed modifications to the County Storm Water Management Regulations and Guidance Document.  Links to the documents are provided on this page; proposed modifications are shown in red as “Track Changes.”.  A second Public Hearing for the proposed regulations is set for Wednesday, April 30th at 9 am.  Please send your questions/comments before the Public Hearing to the Wayne Soil & Water Conservation District, 428 W. Liberty Street, Wooster, Ohio  44691, Attention Rob Kastner or e-mail Rob at rkastner@wayneoh.org.

Storm Water Management Regulations - Draft April 14 2014.pdf

Storm Water Management Guidance Document - Draft April 14 2014.pdf

isted below are forms and information about the permit. All forms are in PDF format.
  • CAP Instructions                                                      
  • CAP & SWMR Fees                                               

The Storm Water Management Regulations (SWMR) have been developed by the Wayne County Commissioners for the purpose of protecting Wayne County residents from the impacts of storm water runoff pollution, sedimentation and erosion during and after non-farm, earth-disturbing activities.  These activities include, among others, residential, commercial and industrial site development as well as, construction grading associated with roadway and pipeline projects.  

A Guidance Document has also been developed as a supplement to the Storm Water Management Regulations.  In addition to identifying and mitigating conditions that erode the quality of open waterways in the County, the Storm Water Management Regulations also allow Wayne County to maintain compliance status with the storm water management requirements of the Ohio EPA.  The regulations and associated Review and Inspection Fees  went into effect in June 2009.  The regulations and guidance document were revised and became effective in August 2012.


All non-farm, earth disturbing activities are required to complete a Construction Application for Permit (CAP).  The CAP must be completed and submitted to the Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District Office.  The Soil and Water Conservation District reviews the CAP and issues a Storm Water Construction Permit or a waiver to the Permit depending on the nature of the work and area of ground disturbed.  All activities require the implementation of sediment and erosion measures (See Sediment & Erosion Control Measures Fact Sheet).  In addition to implementing sediment and erosion control measures, activities disturbing more than one (1) acre of ground must construct permanent, Post-Construction Best Management Practices (BMP’s) as outlined in the regulations.  Detailed CAP Instructions are available to help in the process of completing the CAP.

If you have any questions regarding the Wayne County Storm Water Management Regulations please feel free to call the Water Management Engineer, Rob Kastner, at Wayne Soil & Water Conservation District (330)-262-2836 or stop in to the SWCD office in the County Administration Building at 428 W. Liberty Street, Wooster, Ohio 44691. The Wayne SWCD office is located in the lower level of the building.