Fair Barn

In 2004 the Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District opened it's new building for the Wayne County Fair. Sharing the building is Wayne County Recycling, the local branch of the Stark-Tusc-Wayne Solid Waste District. The old Wayne SWCD fair "barn" was donated to the Fair Board and is currently used by the Equine 4-H program to store horse arena equipment. PDF:Click here to see pictures of old to new!

The Wayne County Fair is held every year, opening the first Saturday after Labor Day in September. Each year we display local conservation practices that have been completed,student poster contest winner's, urban conservation plans, and educational information for the public at the fair. In addition, we have a fun guessing contest each year and award a gift certificate to the winner!

Information on Environmentally friendly products or list of things we have at the building.

Here are some of the past Guessing Contest Questions, Answers and Winners:

2013 Wayne County Fair Guessing Contest.

This year was to guess how many pounds of ag plastic film was in the large white “Super Sack” in front of the building. The plastic was recycled from a local producer’s farm. This was an example of white bale wrap that can be recycled through the newly launched Ag Plastic Recycling Program that currently involves 9 Ohio counties. Winning the $30 gift card to Bob Evans Restaurant this year was Erich Ross of Wadsworth, Ohio. Erich had the closest guess to the correct number of pounds of the ag plastic, which was 323 pounds. He guessed 324 – just 1 over the real amount. The guessing contest always has a tie-breaker question…just in case we have to use it to determine the actual winner. The tie-breaker question was: “When you recycle 2,000lbs of paper, about how many trees do you save?” The correct answer was 17 trees. We had over 550 guesses this year. Thanks to everyone!

2012 - Congratulations to LOREN RUFENER of Rittman, Ohio. Loren had the closest guess to the correct number of corn kernels, which were 2,281 kernels. He guessed 2,291 – just 10 shy of the real amount. We had over 600 guesses this year, and appreciate everyone that tried the contest and stopped by to visit. The guessing contest always has a tie-breaker question…just in case we have to use it to determine the actual winner. The tiebreaker question was: “Wayne County leads the State in ranking for total number of cows. What ranking does Wayne County have for 2011 Corn Production?” The correct answer is Wayne County was ranked 36th in corn production in 2011. Winning the $30 gift card to Bob Evans Restaurant from the 2012 contest was Loren.

2011 Guess: How many small plastic milk bottles are shredded in the jar? Answer: 119

Winner: Tamara Warren of Wooster. Tie breaker Question (not needed) How many recycling containers are at

the Wayne County Fair? (hint: green barrels & large black bottles) Answer: 40 containers in 2011

2010 Guess: Number of Acorns in the jar? Answer: 204 Winner: Sue Hoffman of Creston

Tie Breaker: Name a state that has the White Oak Tree as its official state tree. (hint: there are 3)

Answer: Connecticut, Illinois & Maryland.

2009 Guess: Number of gummy worms in the jar? Answer: 183 Winner: Ruby Pennington of Norton

Tie Breaker: How long is the longest earthworm ever recorded? (According to Guinness book of records)

Answer: 22 ft. long, found in 1967 in Williamstown, Africa

2008 Guess: Number of Buckeyes in the jar? Answer: 589 Winner: Linda Corp of Seville

Tie Breaker: What year did Ohio make the Ohio Buckeye Tree the official state tree? Answer: 1953

Please stop by and visit us during the wonderful Wayne County Fair!