The Envirothon is a competitive, outdoor academic team event for high school students. A unique and enjoyable learning experience, the Envirothon is designed to stimulate, reinforce, and enhance interest in the environment and natural resources. Teams consist of 5 students, all from the same high school. An adult advisor must accompany the team, but is not permitted to assist the team during competition. The Ohio Envirothon test students’ knowledge of soils and land use, forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology, and current environmental issues using an “ecostation” format. Each year there is a new and different environmental issue.

For up to date information about the Envirothon in Ohio, please visit the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (OFSWCD's) http://ofswcd.org/?page_id=240

Also visit the Canon Envirothon website at http://www.envirothon.org/ for information about the current environmental issue and for the national competition.

Where is the ENVIROTHON?

Each year the Area II Envirothon rotates around 17 North East Ohio Counties. Every year the competition is in a new location, and each year a different Soil and Water Conservation District is in charge & the main organizer for the event.


Area and State Envirothon will be held virtually

"Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions"

2021 Area and State Information and Registration

NOTE: Team Registration is Due March 8th (Competition March 15th-19th) 2021

DUE to COVID-19 and the health and safety of all.... Ohio cancelled all in person Area Envirothon competitions, as well as the State competition. The Ohio Envirothon Committee wanted to keep our advisors and students engaged by hosting a “Virtual Envirothon”. The National Competition will also be virtual.

FYI...Thirty teams representing 19 school districts across the state participated in an online test in late April of 2020. The six top scoring teams then developed a five minute presentation that was judged virtually this week. Of those six, the top three teams (using both the online test and presentation score) received awards.

2021- Nebraska (Virtual)

"Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions"


Future NCF-Envirothon

2022- Miami University, Oxford, Ohio