Ponds and Streams


We are all drawn to it. Whether it's a pond, a stream, a lake or the ocean, humans enjoy their time spent by the water. Of course, that is assuming the water is clean and healthy! Water quality and conservation of our natural resources is our top priority, and should be on the minds of all individuals. Did you know that of all the water here on Earth, only 1% is available for human use? About 97% of the water on Earth is in the oceans, meaning it's salt water. The 3% of fresh water that remains, isn't all available for human use, as it's in the glaciers, icecaps and in the ground water. So, we must take care of the little bit of fresh, surface water that we have!

The Wayne SWCD does NOT assist in the design of recreational ponds. However, if the intent of a pond is for agricultural purposes, such as irrigation water, livestock watering, or for use as a dry hydrant, please contact us for further assistance. Please check the Contractor's page for additional contacts, and click on the helpful links or pdf's below.

Water Resources - Facts - Where on Earth is Water Located - website with facts about water from USGS

A GREAT WEBSITE FOR INFORMATION ON HARMFUL ALGAL BLOOMS (HAB's) is on the EPA's website... http://epa.ohio.gov/habalgae.aspx