Cover Crops

The Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) offers a Cover Crop Program that is funded through the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD). Through this program, MWCD offers reimbursement for approved fields you apply for with a cap of 200 acres per applicant across eligible counties in the jurisdictional boundary of the MWCD District, unless fields are located within one of the specified MWCD Lake watersheds.

To download the Muskingum River Watershed Map, click here.

Check out the latest video below of aerial seeding of cover crops by the Holmes SWCD at the Holmes County Airport.

Filmed by the Wayne SWCD.

Why use cover crops?

Cover crops “reduce soil erosion, reduce nutrient leaching, store carbon, improve soil structure, increase water infiltration, reduce compaction, suppress weeds, enhance wildlife, fix nitrogen and serve as a forage product.”

(Rafiq Islam, Ohio State University Extension soil scientist)

Where can I get my seed tested?

Seed Sample Testing

March 06, 2018 | Plant Health

When mailing samples to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, please do the following:

  1. Fill a quart-size zip-lock or other sealable plastic bag with the seed to be tested; double bag the seed and tape the bags shut.

  2. Include your name, address, telephone number, variety of the seed, and lot number of the seed in each bag of seed sent for testing.

  3. Indicate what tests are to be run on the samples submitted.

  4. Mail the samples to:

Grain, Feed, & Seed Section

Ohio Department of Agriculture

8995 East Main St, Bldg 23

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Billing for the tests will be made upon completion of the testing of the seed. The lab fee schedule can be viewed here.

Information found on ODA website.

Figure 1.

Seeding Rates and Dates that meet NRCS Standards

To download the full table please click the link below:

Appendix – A (Cover Crop)

Figure 2.

Choosing Your Cover Crop

To download the cover crop chart click here.