Study Materials

The 2024 CEI (Current Environmental Issue)  is “Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future.” 

 The Envirothon tests students knowledge in five content area:

Each Test contains questions from all of the five content areas, in 25 multi-choice questions at what is called an eco-station format.  Each Eco-station will have a primary focus at the designated content area. The 2024 CEI is Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future.  * Look for Study packets in each content area by Feb. 2024.

Why Re-invent the wheel?

Our collegues in Area 4 and Area 5 have done an AMAZING job at putting together wonderul resources for everyone to use for the ENVIROTHON!

I strongly encourge you to look through their website and use their links! There are links, sites, resources, past tests and so much information that I would not dare or could not even compete with all they have to offer! Kudos to them!   So, please check it out! 

GO HERE -    For Area 4 Envirothon

GO HERE -  For Area 5 Envirothon 

Wayne County Soil Survey - PDF  - (also located on our soils page) 

Thanks to our Area Friends & OFSWCD!