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THE Overall placing of Teams can be found be clicking this PDF...  Reminder, ties were determined by the Aquatics Station as stated in the AREA 2 Envirothon Rules (#16).   Thanks to all that participated! 

Congratulations to the TOP Four Placing Teams From the Area  2 Envirothon!

These Teams have the opportunity to advance to the State Competition in June at Hocking College:

ALTERNATE TEAM: 5th was Team Elm from Stark County, Jackson HS, Advisors Roy Dria and Gretchen Hull

Final tests, questions and answers are at the bottom of this page... keep scrolling!   Thanks again to everyone.  ~Kelly 


The 20 top teams from across the state will compete in the 2024 Ohio Envirothon competition, hosted at Hocking College in Athens County, June 3rd – 5th. 

 STATE ENVIROTHON Regisration Guide - all you need to know!

 Fillable State Regisration Guide - click on this link for Advisors. 

  For more information about the Event for Volunteers, please visit Jefferson SWCD


The 2024 CEI (Current Environmental Issue)  is “Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future.” 

 The Envirothon tests students knowledge in five content area:

CURRENT 2024 NCF resources & study material can be found at

Each Test contains questions from all of the five content areas, in 25 multi-choice questions at what is called an eco-station format.  Each Eco-station will have a primary focus at the designated content area. The 2024 CEI is Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future.  * Look for Study guides in each content area by Feb. 2024.

Why Re-invent the wheel?

Our collegues in Area 4 and Area 5 have done an AMAZING job at putting together wonderul resources for everyone to use for the ENVIROTHON!

I strongly encourge you to look through their website and use their links! There are links, sites, resources, past tests and so much information that I would not dare or could not even compete with all they have to offer! Kudos to them!   So, please check it out! 

GO HERE -    For Area 4 Envirothon

GO HERE -  For Area 5 Envirothon 

Thanks to our Area Friends & OFSWCD!