Laws & Liability

ARE YOU COVERED? PROTECTED? Equine Liability and Laws are a complicated manner! Just because you may be unaware of them, doesn't mean you have a good excuse, especially in a lawsuit.

Learn about the Ohio Revised Code -2305.321 - and what you can do to be a better manager of your horses, arena, farm and property.

Listed below are some helpful pdf's and the 2010 Power Point Presentation on this subject at the Equine Open House, (includes the speaker's contact info) - in this specialized field.

Ohio Revised Code - 2305.321 - the definition in a 2 page format

ORC Warning Sign - the Equine wording

NOTICE Sign - "This is and Equine Facility" - wording

Nuisance Article - copy of article by Julie I. Fershtman - expert attorney on equine law

Helpful LEGAL Definitions - compiled by Wayne SWCD