Oil and Gas

The recent hot topic in Ohio for landowners has been about oil and gas lease agreements and now pipelines. The number one thing a land owner can do is to become educated and familiar with the ins and outs of any type of lease agreement. Listed below are some very helpful websites and pdf's that you can check out for more information on these subjects.

Pipeline Information

Wayne County has the potential to have several transmission pipelines installed in the near future. Several pipelines have been proposed for construction and are in the preliminary stages of design. Impacted landowners may have been contacted by pipeline representatives or received correspondence. Names of some of the projects include Nexus, ET Rover, and Kinder Morgan Utopia East and West. The Sunoco pipeline was installed in 2015.

Who to contact if you are a LANDOWNER concerned about FERC Jurisdictional Projects...

To receive assistance with disputes involving the construction and operation of FERC jurisdictional projects, landowners should contact the Commission's Landowner Helpline Toll Free at 1-877-337-2237 or by email at LandownerHelp@ferc.gov

Starting in 2017 - ET Rover will be the first breaking ground and moving forward in Wayne County. We will try to keep landowners up to date as best as we can - and pass on any information. Feel free to contact our office and stop by and we can try to answer questions or send you in the right direction.


is proposed for the northeast corner of Wayne County. It will be up to a 36" diameter pipe for natural gas transmission. We do have a detailed map of the proposed route. Anyone may stop at our office to view that map during office hours.

Nexus Pre-Filing Request


NEXUS Pipeline Construction Status Reports

FERC Inspection Reports

ET Rover

is proposed to travel through Wayne County from West to East from Ashland County to Stark Co. This project involves two 42" diameter pipes for natural gas transmission. We have copies of maps in our office as does the Wayne County Library, City of Wooster, and impacted townships, within the proposed route. The Wayne County Auditor also has the proposed route as a GIS overlay on their website. To use the Auditor GIS, click the link below, click the map tab middle top of GIS page, then click the green layers button. A box will open, click the triangle next to GIS data, then click the box next to Rover Pipeline Project. You can zoom in to look at more specific information.

Rover Pipeline Construction Status Reports

FERC Inspection Reports

2017 Rover Letter - FERC Notice to Proceed

2017 Rover Letter - FERC Approval for Tree Felling

Link to the FINAL Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Rover Pipeline (July 29, 2016)

Link to the Order Issuing Certificate (February 2, 2017) :

· The document says that FERC orders that a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity is issued to construct and operate the Rover pipeline (pages 103, 104).

· If the above certificate is issued then Rover can acquire land through eminent domain (pages 24, 25).

· Responses to Agricultural Impact questions (pages 74-79)

· Environmental Conditions of the Final EIS – Items that have to be done prior to construction (pages 111-121).

Rover Pipeline Agricultural Impact Mitigation Plan Ohio

Wayne County Auditor GIS

ET Rover

Kinder Morgan Utopia East is a 12" diameter pipeline that will run from Harrison County to Fulton County Ohio. This pipeline will carry fractionated natural gas liquids including ethane and ethane-propane mixtures. We do not have a detailed location map for either pipeline.

Kinder Morgan Utopia

Kinder Morgan Utopia fact sheet

Helpful Pipeline Links

Ohio Pipeline Standard and Construction Specifications - ODA's web page under Program Information - with the Division of Soil and Water Conservation District's.

ODNR Pipeline Construction Specifications

Negotiating Pipeline Easements - The Ohio State University

Storm Water Best Management Practices for Pipeline Construction - Ohio EPA

Diagnosing Soil Compaction Using a Penetrometer - Penn State Extension

Soil Quality, Bulk Density

Water Well Testing Information

PRE-TESTING WATER WELLS PRIOR TO OIL/GAS DRILLING Locally specific to Wayne, Holmes, Ashland Counties

Recommendations for Water Well Sampling Before Oil & Gas Drilling - 4 pgs, by the Ohio EPA

Water Well Log Report On-line Search Tools

Find your water well report filed with ODNR when the well was drilled

National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (USEPA)

Oil and Gas Drilling/Lease Information

Mohican Basin Landowners The Mohican Basin Landowners Association is a neutral organization.

A Landowners Guide to Oil and Gas Leasing in Ohio - a 2 page brochure by the Ohio Farm Bureau

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas - great Website with rules, regulations, etc.

ODNR Division of Geological Survey - Utica & Marcellus Shale Data- great Website w/ info.

ODNR Oil and Natural Gas Well and Shale Development Resources - Website listing recent Ohio activity

PDF - from ODNR - List of Oil / Natural Gas and Shale Development Web Resources ~ a 4 page list of websites

The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, website at www.oogeep.org - More Education & Information

Ohio Oil and Gas Association, website at www.ooga.org

Pipeline Easement/Right-of-way Considerations (Ray Rummel, Carrol SWCD)

Special Thanks to Dale Arnold, Director, Energy Services- Ohio Farm Bureau Federation - for the resources!