Composting Project

We are excited to announce that Wayne SWCD is starting a Composting Project!

*Bare with us, we are learning as we go!*

The purpose is to help inform anyone who is interested in composting and for those who are not sure how to get started. We are hosting a webinar via Zoom in March of 2022. Once we have all the details, we will post to our website.

We will keep this page up to date with pictures and videos as we continue with this process!

Overview of our Composter:

Keep compost and organic waste separated easily with the Dual Chamber compost tumbler on two-leg stand. Two compartments store fresh organic waste away from older waste for high-quality compost. Perfect for small yards and to avoid mixing organic waste with traditional compost bins. Dual green doors provide easy access to both sides.

  • Dual green access doors for easier access

  • Green stand to match the access door

  • Spins easily on sturdy stand

  • 43 Gallon dual chamber

  • 5.75 cu ft. in total storage


Color/Finish: Green


Capacity in Cu. Ft.: 5.7

Capacity in Gallons: 43

Primary Material Recycled plastic

Lid Type: Hinged lid

Assembled Height (Inches): 43

Assembled Depth (Inches): 37

Assembled Width (Inches): 37

Two people are needed to assemble this composter.

It took us approximately 45 minutes.

March 19th, 2021 is when we first starting adding to our composter.

What we've added so far:

  1. Fruit/veggie scraps

  2. Coffee grounds

  3. Old bread

  4. Old potting soil

  5. Dead leaves

  6. Less than a gallon of water (each day)

  7. Shredded newspaper

We spin it a couple times a day and leave it in direct sunlight.

Check out an awesome YouTube video on How to Build A Compost Bin.

One of our own actually made their composter from scratch! Check out the photos below to see how they did it!