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November Board Meeting:

Tuesday, November 5 at 8:30 a.m. in the SWCD office.

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Annual Meeting Guest Speaker: Dr. Greg Wiles

Annual Meeting: November 7 at The Barn in Smithville

Supervisor Voting: 5:30-6:30pm

Meal: 6:30pm

Meeting & Presentation: 7:30pm

Dr. Wiles is a Professor at the College of Wooster, he will share with us how the College of Wooster Tree Ring Lab has dated over 70 buildings from Ohio and surrounding states. His presentation at our Annual Meeting will be "Dating Ohio's History with Tree Rings"

The meal will consist of: chicken, ham & roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, homemade bread, pie and a beverage.

Ticket are $15 and are available in our office. Ticket sale deadline is October 28.

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If you are interested, we have a limited amount of signs for sale! Each sign is $5 each.

Hurry in before they're gone!

1. Caution Manure Storage- 16 signs left

2. Danger Manure Holding Pit- 22 signs left

3. Danger Hazardous Gas May Be Present- 36 signs left

Wayne County Fair Winner!!

What the Hay?

That was the name of our 2019 Educational theme and the name of the guessing contest at our fair barn this year. And it was a RECORD BREAKER! We had over 920 guesses…the most since we started this tradition of a guessing contest back in 2003. Ironically, in 2003 we started the guessing contest with the same thing – the weight of a bale of hay. We would like to congratulate Jerry Frisch of Huron County on his winning guess of 709… he was the closest to the actual weight of 713 pounds! Jerry actually won based on the tie-breaker question, he was closer to the actual date the hay was baled – which was July 13th, 2019. There was one other person that guessed within 4 pounds…so the tie-breaker question did make a difference! Jerry won the $30 gift card to Bob Evans Restaurant.

We would like to thank everyone that stopped to make a guess & visited with us.

PIPELINE information... please stay up to date...visit the page under Landowner Assistance under Oil and Gas ...Nexus route has been approved impacting NE Wayne County. Visit our office for map information. Landowners Can call the FERC Commissioner's Landowner Helpline Toll Free at 1-877-337-2237 or go to this link for more info...

Back to School - Educators - This newsletter is for you - The Conquest!

Also, you might want to Consider Conservation - Education Programs. Contact our Education Specialist, Kelly Riley for more details.

Thank you for helping us Collect Milkweed Seed Pods!

  • Brochure - Milkweed Seed Pod Collection
  • Brochure - Difference between Milkweed, Dogbane & when to pick
  • Flyer - Milkweed Seed Pod - Wayne SWCD with list of counties
  • Map of Ohio SWCD's involved with OPHI

Once again we are collection Milkweeds for Monarchs! Sept. 1st-Oct. 31st - visit the Landowner section for more info & pollinator links!

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