Education and public outreach are a priority for the Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). The Wayne SWCD provides free conservation education programs, displays and presentations to any Wayne County school or group.

The Wayne SWCD Education Specialist, Kelly Riley is available Monday through Thursday and can be reached by e-mail, or by phone at 330-234-5379. Please contact her to schedule a program or if you have any questions.

The Wayne SWCD offers a variety of Educational Programs available, at no charge for any Wayne county school or club. Please click on the link for a description of each presentation. "Consider Conservation" - also a list of the programs available.

There are also a number of Teacher Trunks available for loan. These trunks can help accentuate school lessons and make learning a lot more exciting! Kelly has also researched and saved many different environmental topics and lessons, and has is happy to share them. Check out the Educational Resources page with a variety of subjects and lessons.

Virtual Lesson & Videos! All Grades!

Highly recommended... please register and then use this wonderful resource put together by my southern SWCD friends!

Visit to get started.

Attention Wayne County 3rd Grade Teachers! We are giving away Free tree seedlings to students. Limited quantities.

Must be able to pick up on April 15th from noon - 4:30 @ WC Fairgrounds. Trees come in bundles of 10. We provide baggies & ties.

High school students with the help of a team adviser, can participate in a fun environmental education contest called the Envirothon. Wayne SWCD also helps host a county Land Judging Competition every September with the help of local FFA teachers.

Each year the Wayne SWCD sponsors a Poster Contest for all grade level students in Wayne county. The theme changes every year in accordance to the national conservation theme. The Wayne SWCD also honors an environmental Educator of the Year at our annual meeting for local teachers. We are always accepting nominations for the annual conservation educator of the year, so please feel free to nominate a deserving educator!

In addition, many other adult and land owner educational opportunities are presented throughout the year. The Wayne SWCD is proud to display our efforts, the poster contest winners, and hold a guessing contest every year during the Wayne County Fair at our Fair Building. For more education, please check the Landowner Assistance page for information on ponds, rain barrels, rain gardens, and other environmentally friendly ideas.