Manure & Compost

Manure...Horses....if you have a horse, then you have to deal with manure. There is no getting around it! Hopefully you can find some useful information in the links below !

The main concern most SWCD's have with any manure is the potential for it to run-off into waterways, streams, ditches, ponds or just cause any form of pollution. Not only that, but manure issues can create negative neighbor relations. Manure can increase insect problems, odors, & lead to health issues. Proper storage of manure is key, along with proper disposal.

PDF's ~ Click on the links below for wonderful resources on

Horse Manure Management & Composting!

Managing Small Acreage for Horse Farms by Oregon State University Extension Service - 24 pages

Managing Horse Manure by Composting - 10 pages

5 Easy steps to Compost -Turn your Mountain of Manure into Black Gold by Horses for Clean Water - 7 pages

Horse Manure Composting Guidelines by City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - 8 pages

Horse Manure Management: A guide for Bay Area Horse Keepers - CA - 38 pages

A Guide to Composting Horse Manure - 5 pages

The Horse Owner's Guide to Composting by Steven Wisbaum for Otter Creek NRCD Vermont - 10 pages

How to Compost and Use Horse Manure by King Co. DNR & SWD - 4 pages

Managing Mud and Manure -Tips for small acreages in Oregon -by Washington County SWCD -4page fact sheet

Manure Management for Small Scale Livestock Operations - 6 pages

Manure Management - Horses by Clemson University Extension & USDA - 2 pages

Composting System for Small Horse Farms by Oklahoma State Cooperative Ext. Service-4 page fact sheet

Horse Stable Manure Management by Penn State University - 16 pages

Horse Manure Management -The Nitrogen Enhancement System -by Ohio State U. Ext. - Factsheet 3 pgs

WAYNE COUNTY - Contact information for Horse Manure Disposal - gathered by Wayne SWCD

Please feel free to call if you have any questions or would like someone from Wayne SWCD to visit your farm & give you advice and helpful planning with your equine facility.