Rain Barrels & Gardens

Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens are popular ways to treat and

properly manage stormwater run-off on personal property.

A rain barrel is a rainwater storage system that is connected to a downspout from a house or building. A rain barrel collects and stores rooftop runoff. A rain garden is an attractive, landscaped area typically planted with perennial native plants build in depressions which are designed to capture and filter stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces around the home, such as rooftops and driveways. Both types of water conservation help alleviate problems associated with flooding and drainage. The following documents are helpful resources about rain barrels, and rain gardens.


Wayne SWCD - Rain Barrels;

Wayne SWCD - Painting your Rain Barrel;

Southwest Florida Water Management District - Rain Barrels - A Homeowner's Guide;

Many people ask where to get rain barrels. They can be purchased during our annual tree sale, you can search & buy them online, or the cheapest way is to make your own rain barrel. Our goal is water conservation! Below are a few youtube videos on how to make your own rain barrel, followed by PDF documents with suggestions as well. Good Luck!

Uses a planting basket - 6 ¼“ for filter on top;

HGTV - bung on bottom, 3” hole top with window screen;

4” downspout adapter on top, vents & screen underneath;

Penn State – uses atrium grate & drain sleeve on top for filter;

Uses 8” round black grate on top –finishes with camo painting;

Fort Hays student – uses PVC adapter (4” to 3”), cut over bung.

City of Bremerton, WA - How to Make Your Own Rain Barrel;

AWARE from Mahoning SWCD - Rain Barrels & Assembly;

Design Facts - Catch the rain that would have washed away;

Stark SWCD - Rain Barrel Installation Guide & How to install an Overflow Valve.