What is a Watershed?

An area of land that drains to a common body of water, such as a stream, creek, river, pond, lake or ocean. It is the entire land area that contributes runoff to a particular body of water. Watersheds come in all different sizes. Wayne County has six main watersheds. The main watersheds in Wayne County are the: Chippewa Creek, Killbuck Creek, Sugar Creek, Tuscarawas, Mohican River and Muddy Fork River. All of our water eventually flows to the Muskingum River, which flows to the Ohio River and then proceeds to the Mississippi River, which eventually runs into the Gulf of Mexico. The amount and quality of water in a stream or other water body is the direct result of everything humans do on the land surrounding it.

Want to find your local watershed? Enter your zip code or city name on EPA's website, and it will give you your local watershed. Although this website may not define the smallest local watershed, it's a great start and gives you a good idea of where your water drains to. Check it out here.

Maps of Ohio Watersheds & Drainage Basins - ODNR Division of Water Resources

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