Teacher Trunks

Teacher Trunks

The following Educational Trunks can be loaned out for a 2-3 week period. Borrower is responsible for pick-up and delivery of kits unless otherwise arranged.

  • PETE’s Pack– Teach your students about recycling with this kit. Comes with lesson plans & plastic examples.

  • STREAM Stewardship –This trunk has a preserved macroinvertabrate collection, the Save Our Stream manual, water quality books, lessons, and videos. Great for an “indoor” stream study.

  • Animal Tracks Kit This trunk contains animal track molds for 10 different animals with directions on how to use plaster of paris, or make stamps & comes with field track guides.

  • NO LONGER LOANING OUT - it's all online! Click here for the links! Honey Files Video & Teachers Guide (Grades 4-6) Complete w/ lessons & a video on honeybees. Click to view the entire Teaching Guide grades 4-6. If you want to watch the video - now on YouTube - click here. Also check out the link at https://agclassroomstore.com/the-honey-files-a-bees-life/

  • Kick Seine Net & Equipment—Nets & equipment for your stream study. Contact Kelly for more info!

  • Take Me Fishing - SORRY!!! We no longer loan out fishing poles. You can contact the ODNR Division of Wildlife, District 3 Office in Portage Lakes about borrowing fishing poles at 330-664-2293 . Ask for Ken Fry or contact him directly at 330-245-3030. You may also check out the ODNR's Passport to Fishing link here.