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Pollinators & the Monarch Butterfly

Need Your Help!

Listed below are some wonderful documents in pdf form that have great information about pollinators and Monarch Butterflies... ENJOY!

Helpful website links about Monarchs - 1 page from Wayne SWCD

Flyer - Help us Help the Monarchs - Collect Milkweed (Sept. 1 - end of Oct.)

Milkweed Pod Collection Brochure - by OPHI and Wayne SWCD with info

Differences between Dogbane, & Milkweed Types - Brochure

Milkweeds & Monarchs - Beautiful Publication! - 11 pages by ODNR

Selecting Plants for Pollinators - 24 pages by Pollinator Partnership & NAPPC

Establishing Pollinator Meadows - 12 pages by Xerces Society

Milkweed Fact Sheet - 2 pages by Monarch Joint Venture

Mowing for Monarchs - 2 pages by Monarch Joint Venture

Gardening for Monarchs - 2 pages by Monarch Joint Venture

Great Lakes Plant List - 3 pages by Xerces Society

Backyard Conservation - A Wonderful Booklet with great ideas for your backyard!

Environmentally Friendly Products ~ From Our Fair Building