Soil Information

Soil is one of our most valuable, and taken for granted, natural resources there is. Civilizations have come and gone largely based on the degree of misuse of their natural resources, primarily soil. It’s up to you to use it wisely.

Conserve soil so that it can be used again and again by us and by those that inherit it in the condition that we leave it.

Where can I get my soil tested?

Soil & Manure testing labs.pdf

Click here to download the pdf above.

Go to the Soil Science Society of America YouTube channel to see the latest soil videos:

Clean Water, Soil and Food Security, and Soil and Human Health

The Wayne SWCD no longer has paper copies of the Wayne County Soil Survey for general distribution. To find soil information use one of the following links below to access the most current information on soils mapped in Wayne County.

If you have Google Earth you can add a KMZ file developed by the California Soil Resource Lab that overlays the soil data on top of the aerial photographs. Once downloaded, you can click on a soil symbol to see a soil profile. Click on the soil profile to see the typical description for the soil series.

Streaming Soil Survey Data in Google Earth.

When you go to the Web Soil Survey site click the green Start WSS button. You can search by address, state/county, soil survey area, latitude/longitude, section, township, and range. Web Soil Survey allows you to see land with an aerial photo base and roads, towns, and streams as layers. You can turn map features on and off depending on your preference. Draw an area of interest (AOI) shape over where you want soils information, click on the soil map tab, then the soil info appears to the left. You can look more deeply into each soil listed as well as print out any information that you want to keep. It’s pretty amazing!

Soil Testing for Nutrient Content

PDF - How to Take Soil Sample GUIDE - a 4 pages by A&L Great Lakes Labs

PDF - Soil Sampling, OSU, AGF-513-12

PDF - Interpreting a Soil Test Report, OSU, AGF-514-12

PDF - Interpretative Guide to Soil Test Reports

PDF - Interpretive Guide for Lawn & Garden Samples

PDF - LIST of places that TEST SOIL -compiled by Wayne SWCD

USDA / NRCS - Soils

ODA - Soil Science

Published County Soil Surveys by NRCS Soils

Click here to download Wayne County Soil Survey

Ohio Dept. of Ag (ODA) - Soil and Water Conservation