Educational Programs

Educational Programs

The following FREE Presentations can be scheduled  by calling the  Wayne SWCD office or by emailing Kelly Riley  also "Consider Conservation"

ENVIROSCAPE MODEL (Grades 4-12) Visually explains point & non-point source pollution on a watershed. Students get a hands-on demonstration of the effects of water run-off,  & then learn how they can improve the watershed with conservation practices. Excellent  for any environmental lesson.

FREDDIE  THE FISH (Grades pK-2) Students get a visual understanding of the effects of  pollution on “Freddie”(a sponge in a jar) as they are told about his journey downstream. Human impact on water and the importance of clean, healthy water is taught. 

LIVING SOIL SLEUTHS (Grades 3-6) Students learn how soil is formed and discover  the properties  of soil. Intro & 3 different learning stations with hands-on soil smudge, rock rubbing, & coloring "worm" search. This program is adjusted for the 6th grade curriculum- more in depth discussion & a "discovery station" - are all covered.

INCREDIBLE  JOURNEY (Grades 2-7) Students learn about water on earth, it’s value & the water  cycle. They act out the cycle of  a water droplet as they travel to different  locations.They keep track at each station/location with a coloring sheet & clipboard.  Best if done outdoors, or in a large area.

TREE-MENDOUS  TREES (Grades pK-5) Build a tree from the inside out (Heartwood to Bark) with your students! Students learn the value of trees, along with the forms and functions of the parts of a tree. Needs a big space.

EVERY TREE FOR ITSELF (Grades pK-8) Safely spaced! Students learn how trees compete for their essential needs; and describe how varying amounts of light, water and nutrients affect a tree's growth. This programs requires a big space. Inside or Outside.   Project Learning Tree -PLT. 

BIRDS & BEYOND (Grades pK-5) Students learn about birds, habitat, their adaptations  & roles as they learn with Audubon toy bird replicas. They learn what makes a bird a bird,  why birds are important & listen to  each bird's song.

MIGRATION MANIA (Grades 2-7) Discussion on why and what animals migrate followed by an activity on bird migration. Students become "ducks" as they travel from nesting, stopover & wintering habitat. Reinforces definition of habitat.  They learn the effects of humans have, how biotic & abiotic factors influence survival & the importance of habitat preservation. Requires a big space.

TONY THE TRASH BAG (Grades 2-7)  Discussion on how we can can do simple things in our everyday lives (from shopping to energy use) to help the environment & animals. Reinforce the Earth's resource's =  & the 3R's. For the activity, students learn the impacts of litter as they act out the movement of a plastic bag and find out how it effects the whole environment, including sea turtles. (also known as the Preventable Journey in Project Wet)

OH DEER! (Grades 4-8) In this activity, students learn about habitat (food, water and shelter) and how carrying capacity can impact deer populations. Students portray deer and habitat/ecosystem components and thus a large area is needed for this program. Discussion on how the environment/habitat can effect survival.

GROUNDWATER WONDERS (Grades 7-12)  The  Groundwater Flow Model visually demonstrates the movement of groundwater through layers of aquifers and bedrock. Students learn about the saturated zones, water tables, recharge, porosity, permeability, contamination, wells and how humans/weather can impact groundwater. Please NOTE: Sufficient time is needed to prep & clean up. This program requires access to electric plug and close proximity to a sink. 

OUTDOOR EDUCATION  Call & schedule us to do a program or help out at your outdoor event.  We do field trips! From fishing, trail hikes, to outdoor educational lessons,  we can assist you & your school, or simply provide you with  information or materials to borrow.  Please check out this wonderful list of Wayne County's Outdoor Treasure's- even if you can't take the kids - go on your own time! Don’t forget to check out the loaner educational kits.  ANY program can be modified to fit!